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Cycling clothing trends for women

Although cycling is considered a man’s sport, there are a lot of women who also cycle and compete in various tournaments around the world. Like every sport, even cycling needs clothing that is comfortable yet stylish. Designers come up with many different trends to please the stylish crowd and the trends change every season.

cycling clothing

You can get bicycle clothing either from specialist sports stores or from online retailers.

Over the past few years, choosing cycling clothing for women has become a lot more enjoyable process as the sport has grown and there are a lot more choices when it comes to cycling clothing for women.

Designers are taking a keen interest in designing some stylish gear for women who cycle and the options are both fun and feminie to keep all the ladies happy.

Some popular trends include:

  • Polka dots: cute and fun, who doesn’t love polka dots. It’s been a popular one of runaways and is not making its presence felt in cycling circles as well.
  • Floral: Floral is another popular runway print that is quickly becoming famous in cycling gear as well. It’s perfect for the feminine cyclist. A great balance of style with comfort.
  • Dogtooth: Dogtooth have been popular prints in sport jackets and jerseys but have only now been used in cycling clothing.
  • Flags: Great idea to use these for international events where different countries compete together. It’s a nice way to show off your patriotic side.
  • Graphics: This can be almost anything. You could even customise your cycling gear to have your own prints.
  • Band t-shirts: Incorporating famous band prints into cycling gear is another cool and fun way not only to inject some humour but it’s also a great way to promote an event. The pictures could be replaced with almost anything.
  • Colour burst: A wide range of colours and different mixes can make for a fun outfit. There are a huge range of colour combinations available so even the pickiest dresser will have something she likes.
  • Statement tees: Great way to introduce some quirky factor into your cycling gear as opposed to just plain and monotonous tops and shorts.