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Dare the printed style!

In menswear, the year 2014 will be placed under the printed sign: floral, camouflage or even leopard for the more adventurous.

You’ll understand, if you want to be trendy this summer it will adopt printed. This trend is not limited to the catwalks of fashion shows. Camouflage pattern that flowered through the bird print, you’ll be spoiled for choice to express your personality and create your look.

printed style

Floral print for bold
The floral print will surely be one of the most popular this summer. However, there is undoubtedly more difficult to wear, because often very colorful, it becomes difficult to tune. To prevent bad taste, better focus on one piece printed and avoids the “total look” of flowers. This print is restricted to rather bold people who fully accept and will have no difficulty to wear.

Camouflage print for the more cautious
For reluctant men or new to the field of print, camouflage style remains the easier to wear and to grant – not to mention the fact that it is one of the more typically male.

Indeed, whether a jacket, trousers or a bag, the colors most used for this print are simple and classic, namely black, gray, brown or white. So if you choose a camouflage jacket, you can easily attach it to one of your basics such as jeans or chinos, depending on the style of your jacket.

printed style

There is a misconception that the leopard print is for women, but it is not. This is more visible in models of men’s clothing and it is not at all shocking to see a man with a leopard sweater.

Among the printed matter: the ‘birds’ reasons are part of the most original. Nothing likes to differentiate themselves from others and take its eccentricity and personality. And if you’re struggling to adopt the printed look this summer, start with accessories: the camo hat can be a great alternative to the shirt with flowers or leopard shoes!

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