Diamond Rings For Every Occasion

It can be hard to decide what jewellery to wear for a specific occasion. Do you risk going completely over the top when the event isn’t as formal as you had first thought, or keep it simple and stylish in order to stay within your comfort zone? Take a look at the top tips below that will help you to understand which diamond ring and accessory to wear for any occasion.

diamond rings

The Casual Date

Whether your date is taking you for a quick drink in a friendly bar or on a romantic picnic to one of the top picnic spots, you can wear the perfect item of jewellery for the occasion. You should wear something feminine and chic, with an air of class. This isn’t the time to be thinking about wearing your best diamond ring or a huge cocktail ring on your finger. Keep things looking simple and effortless.

The Office Christmas Party

If you are attending a work Christmas party, this is your big chance to sparkle. You can go decadently over the top with your choice of accessories at this type of event. In fact, the glitzier the better! Everyone will be in high spirits and having fun, so use this function as a great place to air that special piece. Find diamonds rings in Houston here to draw inspiration from. You can also pick out a vintage piece that you’ve been saving for something fun!

For any evening parties, you can take note of the 6 golden rules to help you make the most of your night out.

The Romantic Meal

If your partner is taking you on a romantic meal, then you can think about wearing jewellery pieces that can be easily dressed up. A stunning cocktail ring and simple solitaire necklace would be enough for this occasion, but it really does depend on what outfit you are wearing. Decide how dressy you are planning on going and think about what good restaurants are nearby that you may get invited to.

The Short Break

If you are being whisked away on vacation then as long as you have some idea where you are going, the ideas for accessories are endless! If you are going to the beach, check for the best locations and opt for simple pieces that aren’t going to get lost or ruined in the water. Leave your jewellery at the hotel that day if you want to play it safe. Remember, there will be evening meals, so you can pack your best beautiful rings to wear when the daytime fun is done, and the lights go down.

The Everyday Choice

Simple small band rings with smooth stones and subtle styles are great for wearing on a daily basis. Depending on where you work, you may have to stick to clothing and accessories guidelines. Try to choose something that follows these rules, but that still gives off a stylish and approachable air. A simple tennis bracelet would also work well for this look.

Image source: wikimedia