Dress To Impress: What To Wear To A Casual Work Interview

I bet we’ve all been in this position before, right? There has always been this idea that work interviews are very formal and that you should dress as such. We envision suits, ties and specific dresses and pants. Then, you get the call. You’ve got the interview! It’s held next week, and the dress code is casual. Now, what do you do? Let’s explore.

casual work interview

Research The Company Extensively
So, once you know that it’s going to be a very casual interview, you need to gauge just how casual they mean. The best way to do this is to start researching the company. Why is this a good idea? Well, it means you can find pictures of employees at work. What are they wearing? Use this to help you craft your fashion style for the day. It’s always a good idea to go just a little bit more formal than what the current employees are wearing. You haven’t gained their trust yet, so a bit of leeway is good.

Think About The Time Of Year
There’s nothing more bizarre than seeing someone turn up in a full suit in the blazing heat. You’ve got the ability to be casual here, and the clothes you wear should match the weather outside. If it’s nice and sunny, don’t be afraid to wear a short t-shirt. You might even get away with shorts if this interview is as casual as it seems. If it’s freezing outside, it’s OK to wear a nice-looking jacket, and some companies are even fine with hoodies! Again, you need to tailor your style of dress based on the type of company you’re being interviewed by.

Be Comfy, But Not Scruffy
This is a casual interview, so you’re allowed to feel comfy. This doesn’t mean you can allow yourself to turn up in dirty, scruffy clothes, however. Go to a store or get an urban outfitters coupon and buy some new clothes for the occasion. You want to look smart as you make that first impression, so everything needs to be clean and ironed. Clean those shoes before you head out and make sure nothing looks out of place. Don’t be tempted to go overly-comfy if the company looks like it still acts very formally. You don’t want to turn up in gear that gives off the wrong impression.

Casual Doesn’t Always Mean Casual
Even though you’ve been told that your interview dress code is casual, different companies mean this in different ways. You’ll often hear the term ‘smart-casual’, which is a different thing entirely. Here, you still need to work on a formal dress code, although you’ll be spared the annoyance of ties and overly-formal suits. If it truly is a casual interview, you should be able to wear anything as long as it looks good. Again, do all the necessary research beforehand to ensure you don’t get this wrong. If you’re ever in any doubt, it’s always best to overdress.

We wish you the best of luck with your ‘casual’ work interview! Get out there and snag that job for yourself!