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Easy tips to do that your legs look longer

I think for many of us it is enviable when we see the models on the catwalk or all those girls with long legs that can put almost anything and they look incredible. We are constantly looking for how to leverage our legs to make them seem a little longer than they really are.

There are many articles with this topic, I read that tanning the legs helps, but that is something that seems excessive and takes a lot of work, so after many years of searching, successes and mistakes, I discovered things that may not be so obvious and yet are a complete success, there are easy tips that will help us gain centimeters instantly, visually speaking, of course.

nude shoes

Nude shoes: The form of shoes that most favor us if we have short legs are those that end in top, since that extend the line of our legs, beyond this especially the nude shoes give us extra help as it extend this line much more than with any other color.

Trousers at the waist: It is important to take care of the length of our pants and avoid cutting our legs, for example, “capri” or “fishermen” are not something that favors us instead – and contrary to what many would think – long trousers are something that is going very well. If your pants are at the waist you can make a line much longer than if you wear them to the hip, this trick never fails.

Vertical lines: As the horizontal lines make us appear wider, the vertical lines have their respective visual effect and is to make us appear longer. One thing we should avoid at all is the printed trousers or excess color, are zero favorable.

blouse inside

The blouse inside!: For us it will always be a good option to put the blouse on our skirt, trousers or shorts and keep the length of our jackets to the hip for very long. The crop tops are another very favorable garment and there are avoid too long blouses.

Asymmetrical skirts: These types of garments are what they do is to interrupt the eye as it travel through the leg, it is as if confused, so choosing one of these instead of a straight cut will cause the eye go more slowly and be confused with the beginning and end, it is a strange way to add height, I know, but it is effective.

These are things that have worked very well and now I always consider them when choosing my outfit.