Fashion Tips

Essential for a gypsy look

When we talk about gypsy fashion or look, lightweight fabrics and floral prints come to mind, as well as wheels, muslins and embroideries.

Nevertheless, today gypsy look is chic and sophisticated. The creators have kept the colorful and trend setting; however, they added a touch of modernity and glamour to their new collections.

gypsy look

Thus, it was emphasized femininity with bright colors without being too flashy. Freshness and naturalness are also honored. We can therefore discuss the long ruffled skirt and blouse chiffon as essential basic. The flowery dress and embroidered white dress are also essential parts to gypsy look.

The essential accessories of the gypsy look
Accessories play an important role in the gypsy look. A single gypsy dress decorated with original accessories can give a perfect result. Therefore, we must have the audacity to wear flamboyant ethnic jewelry, as pendants in oversize metal with pearl necklaces or colorful necklaces. For the ears, pendants models and hoop earrings are perfect, but they need to be matched with the whole outfit. Bracelets and rings are no exception.

For shoes, wedge sandals with soles are made of cork or wood are rigorous, especially in the summer. For a more casual look, you can opt for flip flops decorated with rhinestones and add a toe ring for more effect. The printed neckerchief carried in bandana or headband on the forehead is one of the typical accessories that sublimate the gypsy look. On the other hand, the slung bag over one’s shoulder only reinforces the style. You can also adopt the look of the stars and wear a pair of aviator sunglasses.