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Fashion advice: how to wear emerald green this year?

For those who are shy and especially those who are afraid to make a wrong step fashion, it is best to focus on the emerald green combined with black. And because black is a timeless and ageless color and in addition to being mounted.

wear emerald green

For simplicity, the emerald can be worn with nothing more than the famous jeans, preferably raw. Accessory side, opt for gold jewelry color, they will highlight the emerald green with gusto and offer more tone to your look.

And why not try the combination of emerald green with burgundy red? Beautiful combination, green and red blend perfectly.

Finally, you can also combine different shades of green with emerald green: choose such a beautiful emerald green tunic with bottle green leggings. Add a few jewels of gold color and the turn is played.

Emerald green in different circumstances
The emerald green inserts the wardrobe this year, whether for a trendy look, urban or an evening dress. For a casual and sporty look for everyday wear, emerald green makes nicely. For example, you can wear an emerald green mesh with a skirt that descends to the knees and a leather jacket over it, not to mention the small pair of tennis shoes. Green promotes your silhouette. For a sportier look, adopt a linen small tank.

In the evening, prefer the emerald green for accessories. Then bet on green stilettos to change from the usual black. Wear emerald shoes with an all-white dress, and enjoy the result.

For fans of hippy style, choose a long emerald green dress. Enhance your look with flat shoes and a pocket to store your belongings. Nothing like feeling both chic and elegant at all times.