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Fashion tips for thin women

If your body is naturally thin, you should pay attention to these tips will make you look your body with clothes and accessories that fit you really well. Your goal will be to find the clothes and the style that add you curves in the right places, trying to avoid the clothes that does not favor you.

tips for thin women

The fabrics are suitable for you are those which have some kind of structure and not the big fall. The structured cloths will be able to create the curve illusion, but be careful not to add a lot of volume because otherwise you will turn out to be too rigid.

Bootcuts type pants or something flared below are the most suitable to create a curvaceous silhouette. Sometimes skinny jeans or palazzo are not the most suitable for very thin legs, because with the first one your thinness will be evident too much and the second seem like your legs are lost within those so baggy pants.

tips for thin women

If your arms are something squalid, choose shirts that have volume on the sleeves, to create some balance in your silhouette. The long sleeves are also good, but the court bat are the best. Remember that you can combine your garments with blazers that still will be great.

To fill the bust area choose dresses or shirts that have pleats, ruffles, ruching or knots on the part of the support, and are brightly colored or patterned. Avoid deep V necklines and promotes your flat chest with scarves or handkerchiefs.

Skirts and dresses, they look better on you if they are fitted at the waist and then loose. And if they come back to stick in up to your knees better. The long skirts are barbaric to hide your skinny legs, but do not choose one that is too loose.

As for the shorts, do not get a very wide, that will make your legs look like two sticks, not one so tight, it will make you look thinner than you are.

Dress in layers is a good option to add volume to your body and not look so thin. With them will create dimension, you’ll look great and fashionable.