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Fashion trend: Printed are popular this summer

This summer, printed stripes are unavoidable and are devastating, whether horizontal or vertical, with wide bands or stripes rather tight. We love all forms for all parts of dressing as well as shirts, trousers and skirts.

printed stripes

However, it is good to remember that horizontal stripes are suitable for thin and slender women while women more or less round will delight in vertical stripes that seem to lengthen the silhouette to look thinner.

Peas are also trend
Peas maxi or mini version, they are always appreciated. Our dresses and small tops with peas will suit this summer.

peas maxi

For a retro style, choose small dresses and peas skirts. Large peas, in turn, promote a smoother silhouette. Whatever your choice, this type of print has the notable advantage of being timeless and suitable for all body types.

Flowers, symbols of femininity
Nothing better than flowers to put us in a good mood! The choice is wide: small inconspicuous flowers, large flowers, there are spoiled for choice. However, you should choose depending on the morphology for the garment worn to take effect. Thus, for small women, large flowers and bright colors are recommended, while the discrete patterns will be enough for round women.