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Fashion Trend: White on white

You cannot deny that white is a color that is elegant and spectacular always look good regardless of body you have. In addition, this color does not have to be reserved only for brides on their wedding often wasteful if only this color is used once in a lifetime!

white on white

If you love white then do not waste your elegance hoping to use it once in life and do it whenever you want … it will do you a scandal!

Let’s see some tips to use white to white.

White on white
The white will make you have a clean, fresh, elegant and youthful. This color usually be a success in the spring and summer because the sun and good weather makes it look much nicer.

But no need to use white on white only in good weather. We always thought that white can also be used in winter because what is the color of cold and snow? White! So it is also suitable for this time of year.

From head to toe
When we say dress in white on white we mean wear white from head to toe! This way we will create a greater visual impact to others and of course go very stylish with a fully customized style, but … beware stains!

What fabrics are best?
It is possible that arrived to this part of the article you are thinking about clothes that you might get to go dressed all in white, but of course is there fabrics that are better than others?

Fabrics that are better to go in line with this trend will undoubtedly be those vaporous or breathable like chiffon or cotton.

With complementary much better!
So that is not really boring white on white fashion we can add accessories with metallic shades, sequins, accessories with shiny gold or silver and pink hair accessories!!

Do you think to wear white on white? Do you think it is a successful trend or too risky? Do you would dress white on white for any day or rather wait for a special event?

Sure you’re beautiful with all your clothes on white!