Fashion Tips

Fatal errors to dress for different occasions

In fashion, as in life, there are basic rules of survival. Just as we can not talk on the phone when we are in church, we can not attend certain events with inadequate clothing. Today we show you the most common mistakes we make when choosing the clothes that will be used for different times.

fatal errors to dress

Low-cut and colorful clothing for a job interview
Fatal error! If a man who makes you the interview, rest assured that will not pay attention to what you say but the neckline of your blouse; and if she is female, nor will focus on your answers thinking, “that shirt is very nice although very colorful for an interview, where be bought”.

For this not to happen to you, keep in mind that the job interview comes with neutral and formal wear. You can keep your style but taking into account the seriousness of the occasion deserves sober in your clothes.

Very demure costumes for the rumba
If to a job interview, you must go to demure; to a rumba is the opposite. Leave divers turtle neck, reading glasses and sports shirts for the Sunday visits to your grandparents. Rumba is a perfect opportunity to show all your attributes without becoming vulgar.

Heels for country restaurant or University
Why do it? High shoes are beautiful and perfect for going to a nightclub, work or a fancy restaurant, but go with 12cm heels for microeconomics class or go to a restaurant on the outskirts of the city with green zone that does not have presentation!

Unless you want to conquer your teacher or a classmate with the tactics of the ‘sexy heels’, or love horseback riding with the ‘park’ of the century, use them for these activities, but the general concept of costume rules, this does not apply.

Use warm clothing in cold weather
Fatal error! Although the social situation is more difficult for some than others, try not to wear climate clothing that corresponds to another.

How many of us we’ve seen to a “coastal” in sandals, short skirt and no jacket in the bitter cold? It may be that newcomers are not having appropriate clothing for the weather, but for your sake, not only aesthetically but health is best warm.