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Few Cute Means to Propose Your Bridesmaid

You might be wondering how each of your dreams is turning true and that you are being engaged finally! It is that phase of your life when you are expected to do a lot of planning. Now that you have agreed to live happily ever after, you are likely to pop the question to your peer group to show up as bridesmaids on your wedding. Instead of sending them invitation cards, you may choose to be a bit more creative with your idea of popping the question!

A List of Options for You to Explore as Against Sending Mass Emails:

1. Custom Wine Glassware

A perfect serving of group wine at an indoor party is a great festive option for gathering your friends. You cannot let go of a rare opportunity that entails a ready-to-sip serving of red or white wine bearing a custom label inviting volunteers to pose as bridesmaids on your biggest day. After all, it is going to be a night that allows all of you to toast yourselves.

dedicate accessories

2. Coffee Dates

Are you finding it tough to pull the squad together? You may simply ask every bridesmaid to accompany you to a neighbouring coffee shop and make it a special day. Instead of popping the question upfront, you may urge the Barista to put it on the cup. On the other hand, you may even inscribe her name on custom Starbucks travellers with attractive calligraphy. She will be in for a real surprise!

customized gift box

3. Unique Gift Boxes

You may choose to place a safer bet by offering a simple gift box containing wedding party accessories for the bridesmaid. It is undoubtedly going to be non-conventional or quirky gesture when you pick all accessories that match the current trend. It might comprise of a handwritten note, a couple of bangles, cute nail polish bottle, and a thin gold chain. The note must convey your heart’s content while sharing a few memories that you all shared.

4. Cute Picture Frames

You will never commit a mistake by filling a custom frame with a group photo involving you and your bridesmaid. Alongside commemorating the auspicious event, she is bound to treasure it forever. It could be a photo of you and her or a group that you both belong to. She will undoubtedly love it and agree with your proposal.

5. Long Balloons

You may provide your bridesmaid with a small elongated balloon inside a little box. While popping the balloon, they will surely be able to see a message that depicts “Will you fulfill my wish by becoming my bridesmaid?” You may even improve it by placing a glitter inside your balloon.

bridesmaid dresses

6. Bridesmaid Outfits

A plethora of bridesmaid dresses available in the market will ensure a pleasing experience for the bridesmaid. It is in your advantage if you can pick the most appropriate outfits and match them to her preferences. You may send a precious collection of gold bridesmaid dresses that you come across in the market. However, you will need to be sure of her colour preferences in advance. In that case, she will not have to visit the neighbouring marketplace and spend much time shopping.

You will witness an affirmative coming from your bridesmaid, the sooner you add a smile to their lips. With all these cherished gifts in support, your proposal is bound to get the bridesmaid overjoyed and turn you proud.