Pants and Jeans

Finding the perfect jeans

The search for the perfect pair of jeans is a laborious process that requires time, patience and perseverance. For some, the search may extend over several hours (or days!), generating a feeling of discouragement and let the hood “which chronicles” leached at the end of the shopping session.

perfect jeans

Since jeans are not ready to be removed from the list of attractions of the wardrobe, it is important to know how to find those that flatter your figure perfectly. To give you a helping hand and make your search easier, here are some tips that will help you get your hands on the jeans of your dreams.

You have a pear shape
Do your curves are mainly at the level of the hips? Opt for an average fork and a right leg. In addition to lengthen your legs, the right leg will divert the gaze of the strongest area. Avoid too tall sizes that dwarf the silhouette and create a disproportionate effect.

You have apple shape
Since your curves are mainly at waist level, you need a pair of jeans with a band not too rigid or expandable waist. Get your hands on a straight leg cut that focuses on what you benefit without directing the eye to your waist. Stay away from jeans too tight or “skinny” and avoid tall cuts.

You are all in curves
Contrary to what one might think, the hourglass figure is not the easiest to dress because to choose a cut that emphasizes the curves you love and hides others. If you have a well-defined size, the jeans-pants with high waist will know its benefit. Choose a dark color rather than light to create a slimming effect.

You have generous chest
A flared leg will help balance your chest focusing on the lower body. Pale colors lead the eye downward and away from the chest. Choose a cut with low waist, straight leg or wide leg.

You are very tiny
Small silhouettes can afford almost all models of jeans, but opt for a pair that elongates the leg is always a good idea. A very tight fit, or “skinny” will advance your small figure and your curves, while a pair of high-waisted trousers will create the illusion of size and length (especially when worn with high heels!). Just be sure to avoid too large cuts at the risk of seeming lost under a pile of fabric!

You are tall
If you are tall and slender, indulge yourself and show off your glamorous form! A pair of jeans with low waist will balance your proportions while a high waist style will give the illusion that your legs are endless (and that we love!). You can also opt for a straight leg or flared, or ultra adjusted. Whatever style you choose, make sure it focuses on your strengths.

Trends change, but a pair of jeans that actually benefit your body will never go out of style. Do not yield to the first pair of jeans that will cross your path ended, and do not be afraid to try a ton of different styles to find the one you are most comfortable. Knowing what you will shop around a pair of jeans will never be a chore!

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