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Finding Your Individual Style in South Florida

ProjekRaw is one of the top fashion choices for young urban professional men, especially in South Florida. The hot climate in Florida makes clothing needs different from those living in other parts of the country. Board shorts are acceptable casual day wear for strolling the beach and boardwalk from day into night.

Projek Raw’s Spring Collection offers a wide range of looks that work well for a variety of looks and styles. Expressing your personality and individuality with your clothing is important, and Projek Raw allows you to do that with style and panache.

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The Myths About Florida Fashion

Most people think that Florida fashion is all about bikinis and Speedo’s, but it has so much more to offer than that. From formal to casual, Florida fashion encompasses a wide range of looks and styles that are inspired by the hot weather and the needs of the people who live there.

Men in Florida are varied in their clothing tastes. Some men live in cities and some live on the coast, and this means that their clothing needs vary as well, just as you would expect them to.

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Living on the coast brings a feeling of free-spiritedness and freedom that you just cannot get in the city. Being able to stroll the beach and enjoy the smells and sounds of the ocean can bring relaxation that you may not be able to feel anywhere else.

The free-spirited side of life is what Projek Raw brings to their clothing design. From shorts to tank tops, their pieces are for those who want to be comfortable, but also want to look good, too.

Shorts All Year Around

One of the best things about living in South Florida is that board shorts can be worn all year long, and they are considered acceptable attire in most places all year as well.

The great thing is that board shorts are available in almost any color that you can imagine and in a variety of materials, too. Denim is big in the 2016 collection, but Projek Raw’s shorts are available in lighter fabrics too, to allow you to find shorts that are most comfortable for you.

The great thing about board shorts is that they can be worn from morning until night. Your inner “Roar” will be expressed through the wearing of clothing from Projek Raw, including their shorts – no matter what you wear them with or where you wear them.

Fashion in Florida allows you to express your individuality through your clothing from head to toe, thanks to their free spirit mindset. Express your style with Projek Raw.

Florida Fashion Is Always Changing

The great thing about Florida fashion is that it is open-minded to different interpretations, styles, and colors. Whether you appreciate being a little more out there in your style or you are more traditional, Projek Raw offers original and unique clothing that you will be proud to wear.

In the Projek Raw Spring Collection, the focus is on versatility. This means that the pieces that they offer can be mixed and matched with each other to create dozens of different looks to take you from strolling on the beach to going out to dinner with your friends.

No matter what the weather is like outside, the selection of board shorts and tank tops will give you the choices you need to look and feel your best each and every day.

Unique and Full of Personality

Men’s clothing used to be all the same, with the same neutral color offerings and fabrics that you could find in store after store. Projek Raw steps away from that to offer men a selection of colors and fabrics that will allow you to showcase your personality and style. Patterns and solids alike are found in the collection, which gives you a variety of choices.

Denim was a big part of the spring collection, offered in their shorts, shirts, and pants. Their denim is available in both light and dark wash, as well as in colors.

Denim is a great choice to wear with almost any color shirt, and it can take you from morning to night very easily as well, which is why many people love adding denim to their wardrobe.

Whether you live on the beach, or you live in the city, Projek Raw allows you to express your individual South Florida style. Fashion in Florida is different than fashion in other areas of the country, simply because the hot climate dictates a need for lighter fabrics, short sleeves, and shorts.

Men don’t have to settle for the traditional choices that can be found at any big box store. Projek Raw offers European inspired fashion that will take you from morning to night in perfect style and comfort.