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Five Fashion Trends You Should Be Embracing

Fashion, love it or hate it you have to see it on the streets, on the television, in the stores, and in the magazines. For some people fashion is fun and exciting, for some it’s an escape, and for others, it is simply a necessary evil. If you enjoy fashion, or you at least want to attempt to be fashionable, it helps to know what is in style.

stay in fashion

Styles change with the seasons, but there are some things that seem to stay in fashion throughout the entire year. Here are a few of those things.

Leggings are in, and some people do wear them as pants (although you should take a look at your butt in the mirror before you head out to make sure people aren’t seeing more than you bargained for). Leggings add comfort for pregnant ladies, they make it so you can wear short shorts and short skirts the whole year, and they simply keep your legs warm in a fashionable way.

You can opt for solid colors, go for things like stripes and polka dots, and you can even buy leggings with sushi and other fun designs on them. Have fun with it and make a statement with your leggings.

Jeggings are a blend of jeans and leggings. They have the look of jeans, and they may even zip or button up, but they have the comfort of a pair of leggings. It’s the best of both worlds.

The jegging style is also available in shorts, like Bermuda style shorts. That way you can go comfortable all summer, even when it’s too hot to cover your entire legs.

Infinity Scarves
Infinity scarves are a must for women that want to look in style. You can get heavier scarves that will keep your warm in the winter chill and you can get lighter ones that you can wear the whole year through. The best thing about this style of a scarf is that you can use it as more than just a scarf. The right size scarf can make a great shall.

Skinny Jeans
Many women that have started to wear jeans since the craze started have turned to only wearing skinny jeans. They just make your body look better, which is a great confidence building tool. And, hey, there are skinny jeans for guys too. Skinny pants give a slenderizing look to the legs, and even make them look longer.

Tunic Tops
The tunic top may be so popular right now because it transcends age and body type. They look good on everyone. They also come in so many styles and colors that there is something for everyone.

Tunic tops also look great with leggings, jeggings, and skinny pants. So, take what you’ve learned here and design an excellent wardrobe that can get you through the entire year in style