Fashion Accessories

Four Accessories Every Woman Needs

Did you know that an accessory can make an outfit? While you may feel bland in your fashionable pant suit that you are required to wear to work, you may not realize that a simple addition of a piece of jewelry could make the difference between bland and fabulous.

Not all accessories will work for all women and you’ll want to test out a few styles before you make a choice on what works for you. Chunky jewelry is definitely a trendy look that can only be pulled off by those they don’t mind big and bold.

Are you ready to add some accessories to your wardrobe? There are four general pieces of jewelry you’ll want to have in your armoire.

statement necklace

Statement necklaces do exactly that, make a statement. Think bold and beautiful so you can show off your true colors!

You don’t have to pick bold colors, although both turquoise and bold yellow are in right now. Look for colors that contrast. Look for necklaces with chunky bits that stand out.

Small earrings have nothing on the statement earring trend that is going on right now. Look for cool, stylish, and big earrings that stand out. If you have longer hair look for hoops or dangling earrings that stand out even when your hair is down. If you have short hair pick anything you like!

cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets are an absolute must have for the perfect accessory combo. It doesn’t matter if you prefer gold or silver, there is a style out there for everyone. You can also go with skinny or chunky, depending on whether you want daytime or an evening look.

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your rings. If you have numerous rings that are similar, wear them all on one hand and different levels on each finger. Chunky rings are also fun and trendy.

If you’re stepping out in flip flops or sandals you can also go for the ever trending toe rings. There aren’t as many options for two rings as there are finger rings, but you can still find enough to change it up and have some fun.

This is just a glimpse at the accessories that are in style this year. Try them out, see what works for you and don’t be afraid to go bold. Your accessories should be something that tell people what kind of person you are. Are you simple, or are you bold and courageous?

If bold isn’t your thing, have no fear, you can still find less large looks that still make you look great and in style. Be yourself and your accessories will just give you a little pep.