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Guide to purchasing the perfect hand bag

Whether to celebrate a new promotion or just for fun – We must spoil in life! – When it comes to putting our economies of one (or more) year on a good handbag, a wise woman forearmed. After all, this piece that follows us everywhere (which contains all our lives and more!) deserves to be selected with care.

purchasing perfect hand bag

Here are some tips that will help you invest wisely in your next handbag choice.

Real key piece of versatile wardrobe, handbag comes in several formats depending on the occasion. Here are some essential:

  • A chic and functional bag for the office
  • A catch-all that mouth while being classical
  • A practical bag for shopping
  • Evening bag
  • The versatile bag for excellence.

Do not gulp down all your savings in pieces that will go from mode quickly. Instead, invest in bags that will follow you for years (at least 5 to 10). Perhaps you can even leave your favorite bag in legacy mode to your daughter, for example, such as a gift that you like and that will demonstrate your sense of undeniable style. What fully justify the investment!

And color?
With respect to conventional, black seems to be an obvious choice. But brown, beige and gray are also classic and timeless colors that will always represent less maintenance than white.

If you find the black rather boring, but do not want to lift the nose on its practical side, consider the textured leathers (crocodile or python like effect). And you will break the monotony of black while adding an interesting visual accent.

A bag for your lifestyle
It is important to consider the functional side of as much as its look when shopping a piece that we want to keep long bag. For the office, for example, prioritize storage space and structure. You want to be able to easily place documents and laptop. Opt for a large opening that allows you to find your essential easily.

If you are traveling by public transport, look for easy access pockets to store your tickets. They will be easier to spot if they are somewhere at the bottom of the bag.

If a shoulder strap can be essential, try to avoid flaps, buckles and complicated closures, risk struggle to close your bag when you have your hands full.

Do your homework!
Before buying, check the seams: are they straight and well finished? Are the handles and straps are reinforced solid and well? Looking for a lining of quality and easy to wash (a lipstick cap is so quickly removed) and check that the handles on the top of the bag will not make the opening too complicated (think practice!). Finally, details like “feet” metal in the bag should be considered to protect it from bad surfaces.

In terms of materials, not all are created equal. Prefer leather instead of suede which can be difficult to clean, even when it is exposed to simple rain. As for the lamb leather, it is luxurious, but mark and scratch easily. Better to reserve for special occasions rather than a every day bag.

For a bag lasts a long time, look for a thick leather which will win in character over the years and zippers quality (look for the letters YKK – the logo of a Japanese company known for the quality of its closure).

The cost per use
Divide the price of a purchase by the number of times you took it is the best way to know if it was a folly or a fashion investment. But then, you already know!

With these tips in hand, you have everything you need to make a smart purchase that will follow you long time!

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