Fashion Tips

How can I turn out to be taller?

Today, fashion and forms, have become vital at the point enhance and Stylize our figure. Today, shared several tips, so you can see yourself higher, if desired:

  • The vertical stripes, the clothes in your right size, the monochromatic clothes of dark colors in your everyday look will make you look tall and thin; incorporating these colors create a visual effect that will make you look a little higher.
  • look taller

  • Wear shoes with a little heel or platform, will win a couple of centimeters, and the shoes are pointed stylize your legs.
  • The straight pants make your legs look longer, you can also use skirts or shorts that reach your knee.
  • The V-shaped neck has a more elongated effect, in the same way you can use long accessories, also make you look more beautiful and complement the clothes, also will help you gain a little more inches.
  • As well as the “V” neck, the three-quarter sleeves, will also help to lengthen your silhouette, because visually you favor to stylize your arm and your figure. Avoid very tight sleeves.
  • Choose a hairstyle or hair cut right according to your face and figure, this will influence your height. If you are short, you can lean on the short or medium styles, so you’ll find a more elongated appearance, in the same way will make you hairstyles collected high.
  • Do not use too flashy, not too wide belts.
  • And the final recommendation for you, which will not only bring you aesthetic benefits, but also of health, is to have good posture, this shape you figure, you’ll see more elegant and will prevent discomfort or injury to your body.