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How do I have to combine sunscreen with makeup?

With summer getting closer and closer, it’s time to think about your daily beauty routine this season. The makeup in no case should be an excuse for not applying sunscreen. But how do you combine them?

combine sunscreen with makeup

Well, the truth is that there are different options so you can combine makeup with a sun protection cream. Remember that it is very important to protect your skin from the sun’s rays to prevent premature aging and reduce the chances of skin cancer.

The keys to combining sunscreen with makeup

Have you ever heard of layering? It is about the superposition of different cosmetic products. The first and most important thing to note is that any product with SPF that is not a sunscreen does not offer you the best sun protection from the sun’s rays.

Following the rules of layering, makeup always has to be the last thing you apply. The reason is very simple: if you apply the sunscreen cream on your makeup, you will only spoil it.

I explain how you should apply the products step by step so that you do not miss anything.

Sun protection cream

The most important thing is that you are really comfortable. Therefore, forget about applying a moisturizer with SPF and then sunscreen. It is unnecessary to use both products. Choose a sunscreen cream with moisturizing action, and it will be enough.


Before applying makeup, opt for a serum with Vitamin C. This substance has antioxidant properties, so it helps to minimize the damage of the sun’s rays on the skin and prevent its premature aging.

Sun protection makeup

Even if you use makeup with SPF 30 or 50, in no case can it replace with sun protection cream. And you are not going to apply such an amount of makeup as to obtain the SPF protection that it promises.

To do this, you would have to apply a very thick amount, and the result would not be pretty. In addition, many of these products contain a series of chemical filters that degrade when exposed to the sun.

Of course, it is very important that you choose a sun protection cream that is really compatible with makeup. If, for example, it has a greasy finish, the result will be a complete disaster. You can encourage yourself with spray formulas so that you can reapply the sun protection every 2 hours without spoiling the makeup in the least.

Different cosmetic products for summer

Powdered Sunscreen

To this day, several cosmetic brands have launched powdered sunscreen. Therefore, they can be applied over makeup without spoiling it in the least.

Of course, you must find a product that suits your skin type and tone.

In addition, in some cases this type of sunscreen contains various active ingredients that protect the face against free radicals, thus improving your health and appearance.

Tinted Sunscreen Cream

One of the most demanded options by women around the world for the summer are tinted sunscreen cream.

They protect exactly the same as a sunscreen to use, but they have a little color to the face. Therefore, they are perfect to apply as a makeup base.

So that your makeup is not too heavy in the heat, choose a cream of this type whose texture is fresh and fluid. It must be adapted to your skin tone to avoid the unsightly “mask effect”.

A great option to protect the skin from the sunlight and at the same time; show off a face without imperfections, with a very natural finish.

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Compact make-up with photoprotection

Another great option you have available to combine sunscreen with makeup is compact makeup with photoprotection. A very comfortable way to protect your skin and achieve natural coverage.

My advice is to choose an oil-free product so that it is not too heavy on hot days.

These are all the options you have to combine sunscreen with makeup this summer.