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How to achieve a change of look with only accessories

change of look

No matter how many times you combine your clothes, simply the look does not convince you at all. And do you know what the reason is? Simple: missing accessories.

These were made to complete an outfit that needs something. I share some tips to achieve a change of look with only accessories and how to combine them perfectly.



Wearing a belt can turn your look 180°, especially if you use it on various garments. If you want to stylize your figure and accentuate your waist, combining a belt is the best way to do it.

If you use a single garment, for example a loose dress, then I recommend that you combine it with an extra wide belt. While for several garments, a thin belt will be the most favorable for your look. Play with the colors of your clothes to create an original combination.

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In addition to adding a more feminine, flirty and full of your personality to your look, they also give a different look to your face. Have you noticed? From the smallest earrings to the largest, both sizes were made to achieve a change of look.

They are of the basic accessories and, without a doubt, they can not be missing in your jewelery. If you’re dressed in black, add some big earrings, gold, silver or any other striking color. Of course, try not to completely hide your ears with your hair.

Maxi collars

maxi collars

What would be our life without the maxi collars? No doubt an accessory that came to stay. Personally, I love them and more because it turn any basic look into something more elegant and chic.

Use a maxi collar over a simple blouse or with a small print or collect jewelry collection. As a advice, do not use very large earrings because it will be too much for the look.

Colored glasses

colored glasses

The best option to achieve a radical and daring change of look. Sunglasses are a basic accessory that focuses all the attention on your face.

By using a striking color, such as pink, red, green, blue or yellow, automatically highlight all your clothes. You can even combine the color of your sunglasses with another garment that you wear or with the color of your lipstick.