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How to adopt the look of the dandy?

The dandy look is a must in today’s menswear. But what this style exactly means? And how to adopt such look?

dandy look

It is high time to put some order in the definition of dandy. This term is used in a lot of cases without explanation. A dandy is a man wanting elegant and refined. A bit in the great Gatsby style. But pushing this definition and find new forms of dandyism.

The traditional dandyism
Current fashion and society from England in the late nineteenth century dandyism is also a wit and impertinence. Solved the case of our psychological context, the most interesting is the development product of this movement. The primary and essential part is the white shirt. Cutting curved or adjusted (of course), it will work perfectly with a tweed suit (fairly impermeable and resistant fabric) three-piece (with vest) or two pieces. Why? Because this tissue is the traditional fabric of gentlemen farmers from England and Ireland.

Adding a tie or cravat, you can optimize your arrogance (another characteristic of the dandy look). To complete your look, a square leather bag will be as well as a pea coat or a trench coat. If the tweed suit scares you a bit, you might as well settle for a suit made of cotton or wool (depending on season) grey or mottled.

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