Coats and Jackets

How to choose a coat?

Winter is here and it’s getting noticed. How not to do after a relaxed autumn, when the day arrived, did not know if put a little jacket or double or half coat that weighs nearly half a ton.

perfect coat

Honestly it’s not so hard to find the perfect coat for each of us, but sometimes in the rush and budget we bought any coat that fulfills the function of shelter and we miss that perfect coat somewhere in the city is waiting for us, really.

Here leave some suggestions and tips to consider when choosing the always desired perfect coat.

If you are tall, a beautiful and elegant option are the trench or waterproof, ideal to that length does not cross over your knee, but honestly think that a long coat that is straight or cut at the waist power considerably so slender waist of your figure, oversize style would perfect for a tall and thin girl, rather normal weight and height; because these are loose and long coat if you are short and plump you might still turn out to be chubbier.

If you have narrow hips with a nice waist would dare with a coat with waist cut with more width at the bottom, that would enhance your waist and make a optical effect which dissimulate the lack of hips.

If you are short opts for the ¾ coats rather tight, not too wide or too long, because that might make you more petite scallops and even if add width could look even more plump.

perfect coat

If you are plump prefer shelters with vertical details, closures, application of colors in the fabric or seams, avoid large prints, a trench coat or an empire waist coat are also a good choice for hides that nasty hips roll, remember that they are not as long.

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If you have low waist, coats with princess cut, round neck, tight top and loose below are ideal, also the overcoats with belt because they perfect your figure or define it better. If you have wide shoulder, coats and ponchos will come well, forget the shoulder pads because that just highlight what you want to hide.