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How to choose a haircut according to your face shape

Choose the ideal haircut can become a very difficult task, so it takes into account these tips so that you learn to identify your face type and the cuts that you feel better for spectacular look.

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Round Shape

A round face form an almost perfect circle, this means that forehead, chin and cheekbones are the same length. This type of face is very well layered cuts to give the lengthening illusion.

It is very important that the layers start from the shoulders because if it begin from the chin will be framed more the round shape and can give the feeling that you have very large cheeks. If you like to use fringe then opt for one faded at one side of the face.

Heart Shape

It is also called inverted triangle. If you have the forehead wider than your jaw, this is your form. You must give volume to the height of the chin and try to stop the forehead free to give balance.

If you’re a fan of fringe then opt for one faded to fall gently on the forehead.

Elongated Shape

Generally these are thin faces, cheekbones and forehead are the same distance and chin is smaller in comparison. These faces are doing well the fringe to disguise its long, in addition to the cuts at the shoulder height and fall in uneven layers.

A little volume will give balance to their face.

Triangular Shape

As its name implies, the forehead is narrower compared to the jaw, also the factions may be a bit harsh. The ideal cut is the one that give volume to the top of your face, with volume on the sides at the height of the forehead.

Square shape

It is the typical face of wide forehead where the cheeks are aligned with the jaw. The factions of the square face are very hard, therefore must be smooth with the haircut.

If this is your kind of face then the long hair in layers with a little volume at the top will lay great, because your face will look more elongated and distract the attention of the jaw.

Oval Shape

This type of face is a little longer than wide and if you have the grace of having this form, you’re a lucky person!

People with oval face have left any haircut, which you want to do to yourself will fit you very much. Short, long, layered, straight, with bangs, no bangs, pixie, whatever you choose will be amazing.