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How to choose a perfume?

There are dozens and dozens of kinds of perfume… So when you must choose one, you do not always know how to do it. What are the aspects to be taken into account to find the perfect fragrance, which will unveil all our sensuality and our best taste, but also to adapt our own individuality? Some tips to achieve…

perfect fragrance

Know what we like
The first thing to consider is what perfume family best fits our personality. Often, descriptions of scents can help us in this choice. The fragrances are divided into four main groups. What is it that concerns you the most, even before their breath smell?

  • Perfumes, floral, with sweet notes
  • The fresh aromas, fresh and tangy notes
  • Oriental perfumes, spicy, mysterious and sensual
  • Woody fragrances, intense and earthy notes

Do a test on the web
Many websites offer tests that allow you to identify the type of fragrance that suits you. It is a good idea to do some to know where you go before assaulting the perfume of your choice. So, rather than arriving like a bull in a China shop, you’ll have an idea of what you are looking for.

Learn to wait a bit
The smell that is felt in the first few seconds can give you a clue, but it was only after 30 minutes that all fragrances are revealed. Rather that choose to quickly base on the first impression, it is best to wait a bit, then define if the final notes of the perfume that you always enjoy.

Knowing your skin type
If your skin is rather dry, the scent will evaporate faster. It is therefore preferable in this case to choose a more intense fragrance that persists throughout the day. Conversely, if your skin is oilier or combination, the fresh scents are more appropriate.

Buy perfume at the right time
Our sense of smell is more efficient at the end of the day and on hot, dry days, so this is the perfect time to shop for a perfume.

Do not try several flavors at once
Even if you do not spray the same place, smells mix and prevent you from making a great choice. It is best to try one scent at a time, or even better, to prefer the small blotting paper impregnated with perfume. After the minimum time of 30 minutes has elapsed to collect all the notes of the fragrance, return in perfumery to try on your skin that which you like the most.

Not confined to big names
The houses of high fashion and cosmetics come out each year of new fragrances, but also craft perfumeries offer very interesting and original perfumes. Personalized service even allows, in some cases, adjust the fragrance of your choice to your personal preferences. After all, this is not the name of the perfume that is important but its smell is not it?

Have several flavors
All kinds of fragrances do not adapt to all situations … Sometimes a fresh scent is perfect for the office or on ordinary activities, but we want to be more mysterious and sensual for a romantic evening. Nothing prevents you to have in your bathroom several bottles to fit depending on the circumstances.

Do you use the same perfume for ages? Be aware that over time, our skin changes, as our tastes and personality. Sometimes, something as simple as change of fragrance (perfume or style) can indeed make felt you as a different person and make emanate of you things which you did not suspect…

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