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How to Choose a Replacement Zipper Slider

Nothing can be as dragging as a broken zipper slider. Without this part, zippers will be rendered useless. This is why people are curious to know how they can choose the right replacement for their broken zipper sliders.


When looking for replacement zipper sliders, the first step is to ensure that you got the right kind of slider that corresponds to the teeth of the zipper tape. The slider should match the zipper teeth in the type and size alike.

Check the Labels on the Slider

Sliders are labeled with their type or size often found on the upper part of the zipper slider. Most of the time, these markings are difficult to see so you might want to use a magnifying glass to make it easier to check. On the tiny part on the upper portion of the zipper, there will be a number on top of an initial. This number corresponds to the size of the zipper while the initial refers to the kind of zipper tape where the slider works on.

Know the Best Type of Zippers

If your zippers do not have markings, you will have to determine what type and size of zipper you have through examining the zipper tape. You can start with the size. To know the zipper’s size, you should measure the zipper teeth’s width when they’re closed in millimeters. Measurement might not line up with the zipper’s size, as the zipper tape’s actual size may differ, yet it must correlate roughly.

You must also examine the zipper’s teeth. Vislon zipper is basically made from the molded plastic and teeth are distinct and flat. Coil zippers have smaller teeth, which look like continuous coils. Zippers that have metal teeth are known in the industry of garments, yet they are not ideal for marine environments.

If you have determined the best replacement zipper slider, make sure to buy only from the most reliable zipper supplier in today’s market.