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How to choose a trendy bag?

Having already worn the status of accessory trend during the summer, the small square bag remains connected for the fall. Discrete, it easily adapts to your look. In addition, designers have designed a variety of versions for all tastes are satisfied. So you have the choice between satchel type small bag, decorated with chains or embellished with ruffles.

choose trendy bag

Now it is not only the pouches that you can use to accessorize your outfit. Note also that the styles are reversed this fall. The big bags go without cords consequently. For their part, the pouches provide a loop.

The colors and prints
Pink, burgundy and gray are preferred for this fall. Blue is also a must-have and it comes in several shades. Royal blue, electric blue and navy blue are the most popular.

Regarding the print, “animal” mode remains popular. So dress your bags with leopard or zebra designs, in all colors.

The square bag is made of leather, plastic or fabric (cotton) in all cases; it still retains its charm. In addition, the wild trend is definitely re-entry. After prints, reptile skins invite your bags. You have the choice between imitation crocodile and snake leather. Finally, considered too much for some, fully sheepskin bags are back.