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How to choose jeans according to figure

The jeans are an essential item for our casual wardrobe, but often do not know how to choose the style that goes best with our body. Today we share some basic tricks so that we have in mind when choosing our jeans.

choose jeans according to figure

Inverted triangle body shape: If your shoulders and/or your breasts are bigger than your hips, your hips tend to be narrow and thin legs, opt for jeans with boot cut or flared cut (slightly open at the bottom of the leg) because it will help you to balance your bottom in relative to your top, you can also use those details that have flashy pockets. The shades you prefer whites, avoids the jeans that are tight in the area of your abdomen.

Rectangle body shape: If you have little waist, narrow hips and little bust, you can wear jeans that add curves to your figure as the type charge (with pockets and embellishments) or boyfriend-style. If you want to try the boot tube, use them in high-waisted, as these will help you visually create curves. Avoid the jeans at the waist since subtracted curves to your figure.

Pear body shape: if you’re waist small, hips and thighs larger opt for jeans in dark washes with straight cuts, because if you have thick legs, these will help you look more uniform; likewise flared cuts the size that will hide the size of your hip, use them only if you are tall. For this type of figure avoids tight or boot tube jeans, highlighted as the size of your hips and legs.

Hourglass body shape: If you have a small waist and have balanced the upper half (shoulders and/or chest) relative to the bottom of your body (hips, legs), chooses to wear boot-cut jeans (slightly closed the lower leg) to play with your natural symmetry, avoid jeans with side pockets or detailed as it will add extra volume to your hips.

Oval body shape: Your body begins narrower in the shoulders, then grows larger in the region of the waist and abdominal (wider area of your body), and then end narrower in the area of the hips. Opt for jeans styles for a straight or boot cut (slightly open in the lower leg) only if you are tall. Avoid bright colors and side pockets.