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How to choose sunglasses

Shaped frames, color, lens quality … Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice in eyewear sunglasses.

Depending on the shape of the face
To begin, you should know that it is better to choose a frame that follows the establishment of the eyebrows or even hide them. We can identify four types of faces:

choose sunglasses

  • The square faces are highlighted by rounded frames, which will soften the lines.
  • The round faces will favor glasses to rectangular shapes, playing on the contrast.
  • The narrow frames, high, such as the aviator shape, suitable for triangular faces.
  • People with oval faces can get away with anything.

Depending on the color of the skin and hair
The choice of the color of glasses is of course a matter of taste. Skinned blonde can move towards mounts to the cold colors: blue, green, gray and brown … be interested in warm colors.

The dark or amber skins can try everything.

The color scales are suitable for just about everyone and are less difficult to wear than black frames, which often harden the lines, especially when we get older.

For red, it will advise the green, but the very dark brown will also match the color of the face and hair color.

Depending on the use
The choice of sunglasses should not be aesthetic. Above all its must properly protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. Sunglass lenses must be certified by the CE. They are calibrated to a value of from 0 to 4, which determine the level of protection.

– 0 indicates glasses aesthetic comfort to wear in town, with a low sun protection.

– 1 will be placed on glasses for a variable brightness to suit well for the city.

– Glasses for an average solar brightness will be designated by the number 2.

– Type 3 lenses can be worn both in the sea and the mountains, where sun light is strong.

– Finally, the index 4 is recommended for use in high mountains and at sea to protect your eyes of exceptional brightness. However, it is not recommended for driving and road users.

On the other hand, for water sports and mountain, well opaque glasses headband or glacier type will be most appropriate.

The color of the lenses does not matter as long as their protection is best for the purpose you do with it.