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How to choose the color of the bridesmaids dress

Light or dark? Energetic or elegant? Do not be sad. Tips to choose wisely the color of the bridesmaids dress.

bridesmaids dress

Bridesmaids are an important element in your life, and of course at your wedding. No doubt, you want them to look beautiful on the big day. Whether you want to implement the trend Pantone color, ultra violet, pink or want something more subtle and versatile, we show you some ideas to choose the color of the bridesmaids dress.

The topic

First of all you should take into account that these will match the theme of the wedding. Therefore, the tone of your choice should be in the same color palette. Harmony is key, remember it.

The environment

The environment is vital. For a midday wedding, light hues are more appropriate; blush pink is the most popular pink shade for bridesmaid dresses, peach, light blue or lilac will look beautiful. In addition, you can opt for short dresses with light fabrics, so the look of your ladies will be cooler. On the other hand, if the event is late at night, a long dress to the floor will look flattering and elegant. Our favorite colors are navy blue, wine or gold.

The seasons of the year

Likewise, the seasons of the year are an element to consider. A union in winter is not suitable for a short or revealing dress, just as in a summer wedding it will not be favorable to use fur or warm designs.

different color bridesmaids dress

Different colors

All the same color? Oh no! Sure your ladies are very different from each other. Their personalities vary as much, as in their tastes. Allow girls a little and give variety to dresses such as second most popular pink color for bridesmaid dresses is powder pink. They can be of different colors completely or mix shades. Play a little and you will be surprised.


Bridesmaids’ dresses should make the bride’s dress look even more. Fabrics are important. If you wear satin, your bridesmaids’ dresses should have a little shine, if you wear an all-lace dress, the ladies should have at least some embroidered or lace detail. If your dress has a V-neckline, you may want your ladies to have it too or be different, such as with a boat neck or strapless.

Ask for help

Ask your future courtship their opinion, although you will be the one who makes the decision, they will be part of that great day. You will give yourself a broader idea of ​​their preferences and what they most like.

Search trends

Even if you are tired of seeing the same trend everywhere, put them in your favor. The color most worn by the bridesmaids in 2019 will be the “Nostalgia Rose”. A shade of pink more elegant and dark, but at the same time romantic and charming.