How to choose the metal of the wedding rings?

One of the main points in choosing wedding rings is to choose the metal with which they are to be designed and made. Today we leave you some of the characteristics of the metals of this important symbol of marriage union.

metal of the wedding rings

Something as important as the wedding dress are the wedding bands, since they will accompany you day by day to remind you of the strength of your love. Choosing this element is as important as choosing the decoration for marriage, since the design must be according to the taste and style of the couple, but also that the quality of the metal is the most durable, taking into account the weight of the material they choose, since its presence and durability will depend to a great extent on that.

Here are some facts about the metals that are most used to make alliances.


The gold ring is the most traditional, ideal for the most classic tastes, the 18-carat gold ring being preferred for its quality and also for its firmness. The hue of gold will depend on the alloy with which it has been made. For example, yellow gold is achieved with the alloy of gold and silver, red gold is with copper, and white gold is achieved through an alloy with palladium.

And did you know that yellow gold has, by meaning, justice, nobility, love and wealth? In addition, many boyfriends choose to engrave short love phrases on their rings instead of their names.


It is the recommended option for bride and groom looking for more sophisticated and refined styles. Platinum is a material of great nobility and durability: it weighs 60% more than gold and is, at the same time, more resistant, so very delicate designs can be achieved with great presence; in addition to combining very well with inlaid rhinestones. This is a perfect metal for those who are allergic to metals like gold and silver.


It is perfect for grooms looking for cheap wedding rings and do not want to give up on style and sophistication. Silver is probably one of the noblest metals in the jewelry world and at the same time it is cheaper than gold; but well treated and maintained it has a nice and lasting shine. Among its meanings are firmness, truth, innocence and happiness. His and Hers Camo Wedding Bands provide nice quality wedding bands with different styles and size.


This metal has been in use for some time, especially applied to more modern and current designs. It is ideal for young couples who want the ring to be original as well as beautiful. It is hypoallergenic and very durable.


This metal has high purity and durability, and is used in the manufacture of sophisticated and elegant hoops, as a less expensive option to platinum. One of its great advantages is that it keeps its color practically intact for a long time.


A metal that looks modern and imposing in any jewel, in addition to being in charge of bathing the rings of gold, platinum or silver, giving it a unique touch of shine and distinction. It has the disadvantage that it is a metal that lasts little so it is recommended to roll the jewelry frequently. Rhodium itself is very difficult to sculpt, so there are currently no pure gems of this beautiful metal. But remember to give your rings a rhodium bath so they have that fine touch they need.

One trend is to engrave phrases of love or cute nicknames on the rings and even on the engagement ring, never forgetting the date or place where you decided to commit for life.