How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring without Choosing the Ring!

So, you are about to pop the question but there’s much to consider before you actually need to work up the courage to ask her to be your bride. You’ll need the perfect place and time, and that could take some doing – especially if you both work full-time jobs! You may be wondering how you could propose without a ring, but there is ample evidence that most women actually prefer to choose their own engagement ring. It’s actually the best solution for choosing an engagement ring without actually choosing the ring.

perfect engagement ring

Love, Like Diamonds, Is Forever

The first thing to understand is that a marriage is meant to last forever. That engagement ring will be part of her wedding set for all time, and so it should be something she is comfortable wearing and something she really likes. You may know her well, but do you know her that well? Again, the best way to choose a ring is to let her have a say in the matter. So, if you live in the Windy City, for example, take her to Jewelers Row Chicago to let her browse for her own ring. If she doesn’t like what they have on display, jewelers like Ethan Lord can make custom rings that would better suit her fancy.

When the Time Is Right

Still, you wouldn’t feel quite right proposing without putting something on her finger when she says, “Yes!” You’ve chosen where to pop the question because you’ve researched amazingly romantic places to propose in Chicago and have found a day and time when neither of you is rushed with your minds elsewhere. This is a time when you two can truly be together without the influence of the outside world. If the time is right, you could put a rubber band on her finger and she’d be just as happy to respond affirmatively than if you placed the Hope diamond on her hand. Of course, that would be ludicrous because of its size, but you get the point. Timing is everything.

Finding a Suitable ‘Token’ Ring

Some men have a laugh over using one of those rings that come out of the 25 cent gumball machines while others use the band from a cigar wrap or the ring on a flip top soda can. Others use pieces of yarn while others purchase some other kind of delicately crafted ring she can keep to wear on another finger alongside her wedding set.

Setting Tradition Aside

While it’s traditional to have that engagement ring when you propose, there’s nothing in the rule books to say you must. It is becoming more and more commonplace for the bride-to-be to have a hand in choosing her own ring because she is the one who will be wearing it. Obviously, you will need to discuss the budget with her, and this is the one thing many men are reluctant to do. However, if you’ve grown close enough to even ask the question, she probably knows just as much about your finances as you do. Why not let her have a hand (no pun intended!) in choosing her own engagement ring? You’ll both be happier and that’s what really matters.