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How to clean your face without a drop of water

Today there are so many beauty products floating around that can easily do without washing your face with water. Is it better or worse? It’s time to find out.

clean face without water

The water sometimes is not the best option
All grew up with the notion that to clean the face should be washed with water, but little by little science and technology applied to beauty products were showing us that there are other excellent options, which sometimes even work better than water.

Believe it or not, the excess of water washes paradoxically leads to the dryness of the skin, because when you wash yourself you extract the essential oils that the dermis needs, leaving it dry and vulnerable.

Try these options
Clean your face without water in many different ways and surely in any beauty shop will offer you different products highly suitable for the purpose. One of them are the classic cleaning wipes, which offer a 99% effective in washing your face, removing makeup and impurities, leaving pores free.

Another good option is the cleaning foam that does not need water to wipe or items such as Cleansing Nectar, a cleaner without washing, rich in nutrients that maintains the pH balance and provides a healthy, radiant skin.

The French best kept secret is already popular and sold around the world as a revolutionary product to clean the skin: the micellar water. Do you know it?

It is based on a solution of water and small micelles that catch the dirt when in contact with the face, applied on a cotton. It is almost a miracle of beauty, because in a single step eliminate dirt and makeup, just passing a swab in the product.

As notes, and you do not need to use the water to wash your face, but there are other good choices able to clean and care for your skin at the same time.