Suit & Tie

How to combine shirts and suits with ties

Today in creating your style will give you some key tips to help you achieve a harmonious combination of a tie, a shirt and a suit:

combine shirts and suits with ties

– The first thing you must choose is the costume, this will be a parameter to select the rest of the costume, avoid impulse buying tie designs without prior clear the suit that you’re going to combine; after having a suit, looking shirt that best matches the design of this and finally tie.

– Any tone shirt always be accompanied by a darker range tie, such as sky blue shirt with burgundy or dark green tie.

– Suitable for a patterned suit is doing so with a shirt and tie of a single tone and simple design.

-If you opt for a suit of one color, you can combine it with a pinstripe print shirt, do not forget to bring a smooth, single-color tie, if you combine prints entity itself note the following tip.

– By making combinations between prints, consider the rule of combining a large stamped with a small one, for example, if your dress is all one color and has fine lines, combine it with a plain shirt and add a tie with a pattern of but thicker lines.

– By combining colors of shirts with ties we can use combinations with similar colors or same color with different intensity for soft combinations. Or opposite colors for high contrast combinations.

-It is important to create harmony between your outfits garments and complexion of your skin, so if you are fair skinned blue or celestial shirts will go better; if you’re a pink complexion, green still look perfectly; And if you’re dark skinned light colors go well.

-If the neck is small, you have to choose a small tie and vice versa.

Recommendations to combine your ties according to color:

  • A black tie will look great with a white shirt and a black suit.
  • A red tie will be highlighted with a white, blue or light blue shirt.
  • A pink tie well with a shirt in white or blue and a gray suit.
  • A blue tie combines perfectly with a shirt in blue or white shades.
  • An orange tie can combine with orange, white or blue shirt.
  • A green tie will be highlighted with a white or black shirt.