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How to dress for a wedding?

Whether you are simply invited witness or downright married, the wedding ceremony is never easy to address level look, when you’re a man.

It is common knowledge that it is easier for a man to dress for a wedding then a woman. WRONG! According to his role in this special day, the man must also comply with codes and customs of clothing.

The look of the guest
One of the easiest, because you will be only can noticed. Without coming to flip flops and Hawaiian shirt, you can let go in small “differences” with the stylistic theme of the day. Its no exception to the tradition he must of course wear a shirt, but why not choose the color? Afterwards, only the bride to ‘the obligation’ of the white.

wedding look

For example, a beautiful pale green shirt will bring a touch of originality control, worn with trousers in linen pants (chino or not), a dark brown belt with the brogues. There is more to deciding on brown leather jacket or gray suit before moving on to accessories. Need to say that the day will be sunny. In any case, cannot go out everyday glasses. Finally, steps required to wear a tie but a little white and burgundy scarf for a harmony of tones. Without stealing the spotlight to the bride and groom, you will notice!

The look of the witness
As a witness, you will be one of the most prominent people of the ceremony. Suffice to say that the slightest misstep will earn you the wrath of the bride. No deviation will be allowed!

In this case, no risk taking: it moves towards the rays’ suit. The shirt will be white (obliged) and long sleeves. Bent or adjusted according to your body, you can wear under a suit which, for its part, may not be too “classic”. Without saying to choose a green model with pink stripes, but you can afford a little fantasy on the neck and cut.

For shoes, you can afford a higher budget because you can put back them in other occasions. Black or gray suit (depending on the color of the groom) and try to negotiate the bowtie. If there are two witnesses, it can give a nice perspective with the groom’s attire.

The most important: the groom’s attire
You have the first place (despite what is said to the bride) because without you, no marriage, do not forget. Moreover, it is one thing to put in your wardrobe, the cotton satin suit that everyone recommends. It’s totally exceeded!

wedding look

Pick beautiful wool (if cold) or a matte cotton sweater with a beautiful matte cotton fell. For the little trick with satin is that the cut is often poor. But if you lack the satin, take a silk tie. It is more elegant and it gives a little bright to your look.

For the shirt, you request a sample of the dress to not be in total disagreement of color. You can afford to add a vest that will give you a dandy chic. Do not forget the matching clutch to tie in the top pocket of the suit.

You can always discuss with your promised the ascot or bow tie, which made a nice comeback. All for this day is to be embodied class, not to have the fashion attitude!

Finally, it is noted that the dress code for a wedding ceremony also varies depending on the theme of marriage in question. All these looks will allow you to dress for relatively “traditional” ceremonies.

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