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How to dress if my legs are thick?

Before share some tricks so you’ll carry your thick legs, we suggest you do aside your insecurities, at first it may be difficult because you believe that all look that part of your figure that they don’t like, but this only have two options: the first is to enjoy life and the body you have, choosing to wear clothes that will help improve your appearance; the second is to repress and feel bad about it.

carry thick legs

However keep in mind: People do not usually repair in detail what we want to hide, it is our fear and discontent which makes highlight. However, don’t worry the fear it is simply lack of knowledge and so today we will give you some ideas so that you dare to show your thick legs.

In the first instance if your legs are thick then our goal is to create the illusion that looks thinner and stylizing them visually, for this will account for:

Using Shorts

Keep in mind that should start in your waist and can finish right in the middle of your upper leg or above, provided that you use pantyhose in a line of colored and cold and dark shades.

Using Dresses

Favor dressed in court rule since these begin just below the breast, so it does seem like your legs begin a little higher up, you can combine them also with some pantyhose if you are looking for in principle is to go slowly gaining more confidence, then you can use it if you are, the important thing is your comfort.

For this type of clothing is a rule you should not break, the dresses should be above the knee, not below as these lose the sense of what we want to achieve as your legs will gain more volume and this is precisely what not want to portray.

Using Pants

For this type of clothing keep in mind that they are high-waisted and just starting to measure your waist, do not make the mistake of using them under this (low rise) will shorten as much your legs.

For this type of pants is recommended those of straight cut and lines in their tissues or prints depending on the type of fabric, since the vertical stripes have the effect of extending and styling the body frame. Remember what we want with this is to shorten the torso and lengthen the bottom of our figure.

Using Shoes

Always opt for these are high, and preferably open heel and that not they tie in your ankle or just starting on this, because if you are using these styles of shoes and shorten your legs will look more thick.

Note that if you decide to combine these items with pantyhose, you must always seek out the same color line, since if you combine them with some shoes of different color altogether will shorten your legs, otherwise if you choose to handle the same hue, you’ll see the difference.

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And finally to use bags, we suggest: avoid using the maxi bags, better opt for small bags with a long strap, since it achieved reflect the same effect of stylizing your figure. Do not forget to look and feel great, it’s about attitude, style, creativity and knowledge, you are perfect just as you are, you just have to find your strengths and weaknesses and then learn to project.