Fashion Tips

How to dress if you’re plump

Looking good is just a matter of attitude. Nothing has to see the detail you use but the important thing is to know what clothes you favor and how should combine based on every body type.

dress for plump women

We give some tips for what to wear if you are plump, because we can all look good, be fashionable regardless of the waistline that we use. No matter how much to weigh each one: nothing like good curves to show us the most. Attention to these tips!

Hide and accentuate
It is essential to know that some colors help hide those parts that we do not want to notice much, and others emphasize that makes you look good. Defined the color of our clothes based on the areas of our body that we like most.

If want to highlight the torso for example, using a dark trousers and a bright shirt. Animate and play with colors.

Mark waist
Make a cut at the waist is a perfect strategy to give more shape to the body. According to taste, we can choose between belts the same color, contrasting or any garment with strap or belt included.

Learn to choose prints
It is essential to consider which prints help stylize the figure and what the opposite. For example, horizontal stripes make wider, while vertical stripes stylize more.

Neither tight or too loose
Clothing should be neither too tight nor too loose. Search for balance combining styles and you’ll see much better. Do not think that being plump will better be very loose clothing: On the contrary! You also have much to show.

Using blocks
The blocks are a great ally of plump women that help stylize the figure. Of colors and all style, choose which you like the most and animate to take them to the streets at all hours!

To dare the neckline
You have no fear to the neckline, but quite the opposite. But, beware! Never should show more. Draws imaginary lines to the height of the nipples, if your neckline is below, perhaps you’re passing.