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How to dress to attend wedding?

The first thing to consider before choosing to go dressed as are the following factors: the type of wedding, the location and time of day the ceremony will take place. Below share some ideas for the next great wedding that you are invited.

dress to attend wedding

A wedding on the beach: Usually this kind of weddings are more informal than conventional church weddings or ceremonial rooms. Performed in the morning or ending afternoon. Use a short or long casual dress, pastel colors if you are blonde and pale skin tone or intense colors if you are brunette. The prints are welcome, but are too big and flashy. As for footwear opt for high heel sandals, in no very delicate materials such as suede, which can be ruined by contact with the sand.

A formal wedding day (morning or afternoon): These ceremonies are usually performed in churches, hotels or ballrooms. In this case recommend use a formal short dress, high maximum 4 cm above the knee (no higher than this) in the same colors as you suggested for the wedding on the beach, except for prints. Avoid wearing fabrics with glitter or use sequins, also avoids the very plunging necklines on the chest, legs and back. Use pantyhose skin tone or a tone that contrasts with the color of the dress. Opt for closed heeled shoes or sandals depending on weather.

A short wedding dress at night: This is the most common used in weddings look. Recommended colors are appropriate colors for the night as the royal blue, black, gray, purple, wine, or red if you’re more daring. You can opt for fabrics with some shine. Lace and delicate ornaments are welcome. One-shoulder necklines, strapless or halter are very flattering for these dresses. Remember to use an appropriate length (avoid mini skirts).

A long wedding dress at evening: In some invitations specifies wear long dress, which can be presented as black tie attire or formal clothing, in these cases, opt for a dress completely long or a little shorter but that do not pass above the calf. Definitely for women of small stature or a little plump, suggest the option of fully long dress, accompanied by high heels, and dresses over to the calf not are very beneficial in these cases, since visually legs would be shorter.

Another tip is not to overdo the long drag to the floor, let your shoes to look. As for the colors you choose for the same recommendations of the short formal dress.