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How to find the best plus size sports bra?

Keeping your chest well supported is essential to successfully complete your workouts and enjoy unbeatable sensations in the race. Choosing a sports bra model suitable for each type of breast is complex and, in the specific case of large sizes, the situation becomes more difficult.

plus size sports bra

Here we echo this problem and try to clear up some doubts and provide some advice to choose a sports bra suitable for your needs and that allows you to put on your running shoes and enjoy your favorite sport without restrictions.

Plus Size Sports Bra: Cooper’s ligaments

First of all, it is important to make special mention of the ligaments that directly interfere with the support of our chest; the Cooper’s ligaments. This set of fabrics supports the female bust and its excessive stretching leads to flaccidity and premature sagging. Hence the importance of choosing a bra that offers the necessary firmness and support for each type of woman.

Controlling and moderating breast tension will be vital to enjoy our favorite sport and thus avoid pain, discomfort and restrictions. While it is true that the menstruation period, pregnancy or puberty, among others, can cause discomfort and breast pain, carrying the wrong breast can also trigger discomfort for runners.

The big chest needs more support, that’s how it is

It sounds obvious and to a certain extent it is. But the reality is that many of us do not wear the right size for the type of chest we have. Having a large breast is a bigger problem when buying a suitable sports bra. The greater the volume and weight of the chest, the need for greater support grows exponentially, but are sports brands really aware of this reality?

Every day it is more common to see advertising campaigns of sports firms such as Nike or Adidas that incorporate more real women and with different measures, breaking a bit with the stereotype of women with little breasts practicing sports. Because the reality is that there are many women athletes, passionate about running, who flee from those unrealistic standards in the world of sports.

How to choose a sports bra for women with large breasts?

The fact of not choosing a bra according to our needs can generate discomfort and, at the same time, favor a premature fall of the breast. If we add to this the fact of having a large size chest, the search for a plus size sports bra becomes complicated, and in what way!

When buying a sports bra we must know our chest size; the cup and the outline. Only in this way we can make a quality purchase adapted to our physiognomy. Therefore, once we have discovered which size corresponds to us, it is important:

  • Choosing a bra for each type of training: The first mistake is to consider that the impact does not vary depending on the sport. It does. And a lot. On the market we find everything from bras designed to complete yoga or Pilates sessions, with low support, to maximum support bras to complete high-impact sports such as running or crossfit.
  • More chest more support. The more chest size we have, the more support we will demand. Hence the importance of knowing and controlling our size to choose, within the maximum support bras, the model that best suits our needs.
  • Don’t prioritize aesthetics. Find a bra that provides a comfortable, secure and effective fit. While it is true that aesthetics play an important role, it should never be the protagonist. Although the reality is that there are more and more models oriented to large breasts with attractive prints so you can train with the most current trends!
  • Allow to take advice. A good choice is also due to good advice. Consult, find out and choose knowing what best suits your needs. If you need help try bra size calculator for your perfect bra size calculation.
  • Breast tenderness. As we have previously highlighted, there are periods such as ovulation, pregnancy or lactation in which breast pain increases and also its volume! In order to avoid excessive breast tension, we should opt for sports bras that hold but do not oppress!
  • Support, not tightness! Holding does not mean that we have to wear a tight chest, far from it. A good choice also lies in the comfort and response offered by the sports bra in question.