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How to keep white sneakers

Your white sneakers used for running, but not only. At the end of the week, it happens to you of the fit with pants or shorts for extra sports output. They must be spotless. Depending on their composition, you can maintain by following these tips.

keep white sneakers

Determine the composition of your sneakers
What are your shoes made? They can be made of leather, synthetic material, suede or nubuck. Because it is based on their composition that will get their cleaning. To find out, look at the label located on the inside of your shoe.

They are leather
In this case, take a toothbrush, a nail brush or a sponge. Soak household soap or white vinegar and wipe the stain. You will sometimes need to reproduce this gesture several times to make it go away.

They are 100% synthetic
In this case, you can put them in the washing machine. Still prefer a cold wash and low temperature and, if possible, put your sneakers in a net. It will protect them. There is a stinted testimony on the Internet from people who have recovered permanently unwearable shoes at the end of a cleaning machine.

They are nubuck or suede
In this case, we must be very careful because this leather to the appearance of velvet is more delicate. The material from outside the leather but it was scraped and it is therefore more fragile. Use a suede eraser or a toothbrush initially and if the stain persists, repeat having taken care to dampen the party tainted in advance.

Small additional tips
To clean the soles, the best is the toothbrush on which you have applied a little toothpaste.

At the time of purchasing your pair of sneakers, consider waterproofing them using a colorless bomb. This will allow you to more easily clean afterwards.