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How to properly wear a trench coat?

Between seasons, the trench coat is the perfect piece to combine style, comfort and elegance. Here are some tips on how to wear trench coat.

trench coat

Nothing serves to possess at the bottom of its cabinet the jacket who signed the elegance if, the latter, is not accompanied by the sex appeal needed to correctly assume. However, if there is indeed a garment that gives man a charm, the trench coat!

A timeless reference? The Burberry trench coat
Although this is not the brand that makes the “class”, Burberry remains the essential garment in this area. Buying opportunity remains possible but it must be impeccable. Because the trench must be neither wrinkled, neither dull nor damaged.

This jacket, although it remains inadequate to extreme cold or rain, is increasingly being offered with a hood edged with fur. The perennial model Burberry remains the reference point. However, if you do not have the means, nothing is lost!

But how to properly wear the trench coat?
Clean shaven or looke with the beard carved out of 3 days. The eyes of embers which “ensure” and penetrates into the heart of girls. A trench may reflect all! Attach the belt in the back, trench coat open for casual and super sexy style.

A practical trench which returns the appealing man
Delon to Bogart, short, long, beige, black or brown, the trench is an essential and timeless piece. It provides a key ‘businessman’ who can leave no one indifferent. In addition, this jacket is an essential daily use because it is specially adapted for mid-season. Composed of a bi-material, cotton gabardine, the trench protects the rain but also the wind.

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