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How to select women’s fashion swimsuits for your body type?

An absolute ‘must have’ for those who are going on vacation. An article with detailed information about the kinds of women’s fashion swimwear and about how to choose swimsuit, which ideally fits exactly for your figure.

women's fashion swimsuits

When it comes to the long-awaited time for vacations, women naturally want to be fully prepared. In preparation for the upcoming trip to the sea, we are rapidly running in fitness clubs of Canada to adjust our figures, to the favorite beautician and a masseuse for various body treatments.

And all this, of course, in order to put on new women’s fashion swimsuit and look stunning. The selection of beautiful, stylish, fashion and proper swimsuit from the abundance of different styles on the market, colors and patterns – is not an easy task! Sometimes it happens that we are losing in their diversity and before choose and buy exactly women’s fashion swimsuit, we measure a whole bunch, spending a lot of our precious time, and perhaps nerves.

Of course, there are some beach women’s fashion and trends in beach outfits, to which we want to correspond in order to be the most fashionable in Canada. But, what fashion designers would not offer to us in the new season, it is better to start to study our figure and our individual color palette, and then to buy trendy women’s fashion swimsuit according to the parameters you have.

To better understand the question of women’s fashion in Canada, we have created this article. We wish you, that after reading this article, you will soon find the most beautiful and the right swimsuit, which will suit you and decorate you at 100%, because it will fit your type of figure!

Types of swimwear
Nowadays swimsuits have gone beyond just two species (separates and one piece) and there are whole series of “subspecies”. Swimwear ceased to be used exclusively for the sun bathing, the comfort and the opportunity to feel confident come first.

Bikini: This type of open women’s swimwear consists of two elements (usually a bra with thin straps and small panties). It is designed for the lucky owners of a perfect figure!

Bandeau: The name of the model comes from the French word bandeau (bandage, tape). The bodice of this swimsuit is designed as strapless or with straps. It “wraps” the chest in the form of a tape, but at the expense of folds and assemblies can visually enhance small breasts.

Halter: The king of the women’s fashion in Canada. The swimsuit, the straps of which are fastened around the neck and chest is very well maintained.

Mayo: It is the one piece classic swimsuit with straps, universal model, which is suitable for most types of figures.

If you have the figure of the “pear” or “triangle” type, when the shoulders smaller than hips, you need a swimsuit that will make to balance your hips visually smaller and shoulders wider. The top of swimsuit should be with outsets or clasps around the neck – it visually increases the shoulders.

If you have a figure of T type, or as it is called “inverted triangle” (when the shoulders significantly wider than hips) choosing a swimsuit, you should pay attention to the hips. Very often, these women have slender legs, so do not be afraid to draw attention specifically to the lower part of the body.