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How to use belts

A belt is an accessory that in addition to define your waist and emphasize the part of the body where in use can be a key to give a different and eye-catching touch to your look. But how to choose the right belt? What kind of belt fits well to your body? Below we will share some tips regarding this topic.

use belt

The first thing to consider is your height and body type, because although this can help stylize your waist, you can also see your waist wider or narrower, making your torso look short or long and generally higher or petite shine.

– If you are short, recommend not using wide belts, as these shorten your waist, especially if you use a belt in a different color than your costume.

– If you are tall, you can use wide belts, especially if you have balanced or long torso and if you want to bring attention to that area.

– If your waist is wide, choose to use one of the same colors as your dress or shirt.

– If your intention is to hide your waist, it would be best not to use a belt; but if want to do, then use the same shade of your costume and single tone, what is required is that the belt is not too flashy, not to focus on that area you want to hide.

– If you want to accentuate your waist, you can wear a belt in a striking tone and contrast with the rest of your costume. You can also opt for belts with textures or prints.

– If you have a inverted triangle body shape (broad shoulders and narrow hips) can use a wide belt in the area of your hips to create volume in that area. On the contrary if your body type is triangle choose to use thin and little flashy belts.

Finally, you should not use the belt too tight, you’ll look much fitted and even if you are a thin woman it will not be good.