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How To Use Bronzing Powders? [Beauty tips]

Women always like to be well groomed and more with the help of makeup. Currently, there are different makeup products that allow us to emphasize some parts of our face. Likewise, one of these products are bronzing powders whose main function is to help give makeup a tan effect.

On the other hand, applying this powder is very simple and there is no science in doing it, all you have to do is apply it with a contour brush take a little product and start blending it on the pre-established areas of the face where this product goes.

How To Use Bronzing Powders

What are bronzing powders for?

Like any makeup product, bronzing powders have a specific function, since their function as such is to help correct pale skin colors when applying makeup base. What this product offers is being able to give our face a much warmer color in the areas that the sun tends to highlight and deepen specific areas of the face to give a harmonious structure to the face in general.

How to select the right shade of bronzing powder?

One of the things that makes it most difficult for girls is being able to correctly choose the color or tone of any makeup product, and this is the case when choosing the correct shade of bronzing powder.

Well, to choose the correct shade of our bronzing powder we will have to look at our skin tone, this is based on distinguishing if we are light-skinned or much lighter, we would have to choose a medium tone of bronzing powder. In this case, it would not be a dark one, but a lighter one so that it can bring luminosity to the skin without making it too dark or orange.

Now, if you have medium skin, that is, neither very light nor very dark, you will have to choose bronzing powders with coppery and golden tones. These are a little darker than your skin color but without being so dark, since it does not would look good.

In the case that you are dark or brown skinned, you can freely choose the tone of bronzing powder, since these are quite dark and all you have to do is choose one that is one or two shades darker than your skin color.

What kind of bronzing powders are best suited to my skin type?

There are different bronzing powders in both brands and color tones, but this one is usually presented in two different finishes and these are matte bronzing powders and shimmering bronzing powders. Each of them has a very different function and is also used on different skins.

  • Bronzing powder with a matte finish: This type of finish is suitable for oilier skin because it does not allow to be generated more oil and shine which generally annoys girls who have this type of skin. This type of matte finish should not be applied to dry skin because it could crack.
  • Bronzing powder with a satin or glitter finish: This type of powder is very well suited for dry skin because it allows you to give a touch of shine that this type of skin generally does not have. In addition, it is also suitable for any other type of skin.

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With which utensil is it better and more practical to apply bronzing powders?

The best tool with which you can apply bronzing powder is a brush with very soft and abundant bristles, but there are different types of brushes to apply this type of product. However, don’t worry if you don’t have the special brush to apply this powder, you can opt for one that you have on hand.

applied bronzing powder

In which areas of the face should bronzing powders be applied?

The areas in which the bronzing powder should be applied will be those areas in which the sun tends to accentuate tanning. These areas are: On the sides of the face, that is, from the temple toward the cheekbones and toward the forehead.

Another area is the nose, but on its sides to make it much thinner. Likewise, it is applied to the jaw to reduce double chins and give a more defined effect to the face, it can also be applied to the neckline.

How to use bronzing powders?

In order to have a good application of bronzing powder, you will have to perform some tricks and they will be of great help, much more if you are a novice in makeup.

Moisturize the skin well

It is essential that we can have well-maintained skin and here we mean having hydrated skin with moisturizers, with this it will be possible that the bronzing powders do not crack and look impeccable.

Placing the foundation

Before applying the bronzing powder, it is necessary to be able to apply a foundation that allows to neutralize and matches the skin tone and then apply the bronzing powder.

Grab some of the product and shake off the excess

The correct way to apply the bronzing powder and to make it look good will be based on taking a little product with the brush so that it can be applied little by little. It looks more natural and not artificial, remember to shake the excess dust on the brush.

Blend on the face

Once the product has been taken in the brush and the excess product has been removed, it will be applied to specific areas of the face, but the product will have to be blended very well so that it does not remain as a kind of patch on the face, but it looks harmonious and natural.