Fashion Accessories

How to use hair accessories

The accessories for the hair will never be fashionable and can be your best allies to give that special touch to your look. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using them:

use hair accessories

Less is more. As for the costumes, for accessories also apply the phrase “less is more”. If you take a look with showy clothing, avoid using equally flashy hair accessories. In this case suggest you use a thin headband or small buckle.

Consider the occasion. Hair Accessories like flowers in metallic shades or large ornaments will look good in looks for the night. Definitely this type of accessories may not look right to be used in the office or for casual daytime events. For a wedding recommend such accessory with a romantic touch as a vintage comb for hair.

Take into account the color of your accessory in relation to the color of clothing. To apply this is the following: if you wear a dress in rich tones or bold prints, opt for a hair accessory in neutral colors or in shades of gold or silver. If your dress is in neutral colors, then adds color to your look with the hair accessory. The idea is not to create too much contrast in color between both, clothing and accessory.

Keep in mind the style of your hair, if you’re looking for projecting an image more relaxed or with a bohemian touch, using your hair down chooses simple accessories like a headband or tiara. If you want to project a showier image, the accessories of flowers or with unusual shapes are good choices. For a more classic and sophisticated looks a comb or ornament for use with all your collected hair.