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How to use peplum according to your body type?

This article will help us to achieve what all women want: a little waist and accentuate their hips. Of course, to achieve this we must be able to dress it. Therefore, here tell you how to use the peplum according to your body type. You’ll show perfect curves and ready to go out to the conquest.

use peplum

If you are hourglass… your shoulders and hips are aligned and your waist is well defined; the peplum will be perfect because it further highlight your figure.

It’s just a matter of keep in balance, therefore, would prefer a solid peplum tones, without prints because it would add volume to your well-defined line; your secret must be to maintain the attention on one element, which in this case is the peplum.

If you are rectangle… shoulders and hips aligned but no definite waist; so a wide peplum will help to enhance the hips and visually tune your waist.

You can use in printed pencil skirt or with textured, but then combine it with a solid colored and clear up; also prefer it in waisted garment so that the peplum stands out more.

If you are circle… absence waist and accented volume in the abdomen area. Something that will help you to outline your hips and waist is a garment with peplum whose strip to the waist is of a different color.

use peplum

Avoid prints and exaggerate in ornaments; looking tops with V-neck peplum and peplum pencil skirts with not very bulky, look for them in light fabrics. For you, wear high heels is vital to stylize your figure, because if you are wearing it with flats, you’ll look wider.

If you are triangle… narrow shoulders, or little bust and prominent hip; prevents the peplum has flown to the sides, prefer it with emphasis on the back or front and look for it in tops, blazers or jackets with prints that you should seek to draw attention to the upper part of your body; in fact, make sure one with voluminous sleeves and/or neckline; avoid the prints in the lower part.

If you are inverted triangle… broad shoulders and too narrow hips, with or without a defined waist. Seeks the flown prominent, you will find some very nice, but these are in bright colors, textures, patterns, light colors.

Contrary to the normal triangle, you should seek to highlight the lower part of the body, so if you want a peplum top it is better to be in solid and dark tones.