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Fabulously Feminine: How to Wear a Biker Jacket Without Looking Like a Man

The leather biker jacket is a classic symbol of freedom, rebelliousness, and originality. Often we think of this style of jacket as being tough and masculine, but a hallmark of its design is that on a woman it accentuates her natural beauty, strength, and independence.

When setting out to design and construct the perfect women’s biker jackets, quality craftsmanship was our first priority. However, we also wanted them to exude a timeless, powerful spirit and elegance. We believe we rose to the challenge and take pride in crafting leather jackets that are both of supreme quality as well as having a great classic style.

leather biker jacket

In order to help some of our female customers feel confident about purchasing the right biker jacket, here are some style tips and suggestions for incorporating a new Lusso Leather jacket into your collection.

Keep your own sense of style

The classic biker jacket design is wonderful in that it is so flexible. It can literally be worn with almost anything else! Whether you are feeling casual or are in the mood to draw attention with your smart sense of style, the biker is a piece to complement what you already have. Go with the shoes, accessories, and everything else you already own without any worries.

The Jeans Look

jeans with leather jacket

Nothing pairs more naturally than jeans and a leather jacket. That’s why blue (or any color) jeans are an easy choice for an attractive look to go along with your new biker jacket. This effortless look can be completed with just about any other items you may have. Boots, shoes, or sneakers can all be worn with equal ease as part of this style.

The Dress Look

Wearing a dress, whether light and fun or more elegant, shouldn’t discourage you from adding a leather biker jacket to your look. In fact, flip through a style magazine and you’ll probably see many a style-conscious celeb or model sporting this exact combination. Add some attractive heels or slender leather boots and you’ll be ready to attract your own paparazzi.

The Sweater

sweater with leather jacket

Dawning a quality biker jacket over a great sweater can do more than warm you up on a cold day. The two pieces can actually work really well together to create a stylish look that is both effortlessly cool and practical. Add a wool or cotton hat for added warmth and effect and some comfortable sneakers or boots.

Keep it fun

Leather jackets are made to be as fun to wear as they are stylish. There are so many ways to wear one, but just as important is the feeling you get when you put one on—the strength of the leather, the sharp lines of the design, the smell, and even the sound all create an experience that is unique and exciting.

Combine the physical senses with the classic iconic style that is the biker jacket and you have a great addition to your personal wardrobe. Here at Lusso Leather, we strive to craft the finest leather biker jackets for women and men that are rich in style and of the highest quality.