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How to Wear Ankle Boots with Leggings?

We all know fashion changes over time. Also, the sense of clothing differs from person to person. For example, the ‘90s loose clothing style is entirely incompatible with the present. To be precise, clothing style has become versatile, and often we do not know what to wear to complete the outfit. Similarly, many of us think about how to wear ankle boots with leggings in a better way.

You may think of putting on the boots naturally without caring what type or color of leggings we wear with them. Besides starting with the basics, you may style in multiple other ways. Other ways can be letting the skin open, showing off socks, going with classics, printed leggings, etc. Still, you are the boss to prefer what gives you better sensations.

As I often try to present myself as a fashionista, I have worked on finding a unique pattern to wear ankle boots with leggings. So, I offer several valuable methods to style these items that you may love to try.

how to wear ankle boots with leggings
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Methods to Wear Ankle Boots with Leggings

In this part, you will pick the most suitable way to wear the boots and leggings together. Also, you may know the color and fabrics selection of leggings to match those boots. There are more interesting facts are below:

Let the Bare Skin Express Your Passion

Some ankle boots may have shafts that almost touch your ankle. If you have these boots, I suggest you keep your skin over there bare. You may think of wearing long pair of leggings or bit tall socks to hide the bare skin.

bare skin legging with ankle boot
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But it won’t appear so cool-looking. On the other hand, when you are keeping your ankles bare, your legs appear long and lean.

Show-off Your Socks

Sometimes letting the socks peek out above the boots can be a fantastic idea. For example, boots for hiking or men-in-action can look better with leggings if you leave 1 or 2 inches of socks above the boot shaft. It will look like the socks are extended from the boot.

Hence, you can wear a comfy sweater or a plus-size coat beside the boots and leggings. It creates a genuine autumnal vibe. Also, it can make you recall the memories of old apple-picking day trips.

similar colored legging and ankle boot
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Go with the Classics

A pair of ankle boos having a minimalist design and similar colored leggings go well together. It works best when choosing tops with an oversized button or rough knit. You may also try a versatile style that makes you look classic.

Printed Leggings with Dark Footwear

Printed leggings are an excellent choice for many of us as they are very lucrative to the eyes. But many of us don’t consider wearing them with boots.

It’s not that rough, in any case. Still, you can pair them up with classic black or dark brown ankle boots. It gives the colorful leggings a unique base.

printed leggings with ankle boot
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Additionally, you can wear a textured top to blend with leggings. I am not suggesting that you must match the pattern or color exactly of tops and leggings. Instead, you can try different colors or prints.

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Colorful Boots with Simple Leggings

Most of us love to put on printed or colorful pair of ankle boots. They can reflect the essence of color, flower, and beauty. If you are thinking of wearing these booties, you can wear simple leggings that may highlight the boots and draw the attention of the viewers nearby.

colorful boots with leggings
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Likewise, some suggest wearing classic style black cotton leggings with those boots. Sometimes, you may pick leggings with moto stitching or any unique print.

Short Heels of Ankle Boots

One rule of thumb is that boots with high heels complete the outfit well if you wear them beside a long shirt. Alternatively, footwear with shorter heels is more compatible with shorter blouses.

You know these facts are all about balancing with each other. It means boots that give you long legs are good with the torso-elongating top or jacket.

No More Bunching at Ankle Areas

Bunching is not a good idea if you think of wearing ankle boots with leggings. If you are doing some bunches of fabrics around the boot tops, they may give you old or ‘80s classic style.

Again, the excessive materials around the ankle area can present petite-like frames. If you have short legs, bunching may create a sensation of squats.

You can wear a taller pair of boots without bunching and tuck the excess into them. If you don’t prefer this idea, you may take the leggings to the tailor and cut the lower part that reaches the boots according to the right height.

Large Sweater Over Tracksuits

Often, we try to find some moments for workouts from the hectic schedule of the days. While wearing workout gear like yoga pants and boots, you can try wearing an oversized sweater.

One more thing, you can prefer thigh-grazing interwove. Through this, you can balance between ankle boots and stockings. Also, it will prevent the odd combination of wrong leggings and unmatched dressings.

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Avoid Choosing Excessive Cropped Style

The days are not the same, especially when it is laundry day. These days take more of our precious time to clean and dry the clothing. To save time, we dress up without thinking about fashion.

Even we forget that we are about to wear leggings with ankle boots. But it is not the same. So, it would help if you did not try to wear legwarmers like other legwear. It will maintain the uniqueness of our fashion wearing boots and leggings.


I hope there will be no postponement in trying out ankle boots and leggings. I have compiled unique ideas for wearing ankle boots with leggings in this article. You may wear in these ways or try something new except these depending on what makes your appearance better.
After all, Have fun with the ankle boots and leggings! Fashion is all about experimentation.

Thanks for reading the blog.