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How to wear brown trousers

Brown trouser is not so easy to match as other obscure, such as black or gray tones. Have a question about this color? Then do not miss these tips.

wear brown trousers

Why it costs us combine brown trousers?

Choose what to wear with pants of this color can be a confusing and frustrating task, simply because this common and dark color goes well with light or bright colors that not many have in their wardrobe. Why is that we always felt safer in dark clothes?

But now dictates the color is everything and there are no woman should include in her wardrobe. Let us see what to avoid and what to wear with your brown pants.

What not to wear with brown trousers?

  • Avoid combining with totally black cloths.
  • Prevents wear darker than brown, unless it is bluish-green or a more dark brown tone.
  • Do not use yellow, orange or bright red since they can appear very season combinations.
  • Do not use a top or forest green shirt because we don’t want to look like a tree.

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what to wear with brown trousers

What to wear with brown trousers?

To combine a brown trousers you can use on your top a piece of color: white, beige, cream, sage, mint green, turquoise, light blue, baby pink, apricot, peach, light yellow, golden yellow, pale red, raspberry, purple and other shades of brown.

Do not forget that these colors not only named for shirts or plain tops, but it would be perfect to use in the printed garments that combine two or more of these tones.

As for accessories, to combine brown pants with them it is better to bet on those in bronze, ivory or gold tones. Never wear silver accessories with brown, it is not a good combination.

Combination with brown pants

How can you combine brown pants? From what to wear this type of pants in everyday life? For trips to maroon pants you can wear a dark gray or black jacket. If it is cold, it is recommended to throw on it the green cover or dark swamp. To the feet suit elongated light brown boots or, conversely, dark brown.

Young people, fashion conscious and trying to look stylish, it is recommended to wear pants with wine-colored yellow or orange jackets or t-shirts. This image is vivid and memorable, but all things remain harmonious and appropriate. This option is suitable for young boys, students in schools and universities.

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Shoes for a brown pants

As it is a neutral color goes well with earth tones like beige and cream. You can also use intense and contrasting shades like coral. You will look fantastic! Dare to color!

Although black shoes are not welcome with brown pants, you can only use them if you wear a top that includes the black. More colors for your shoes: gold, cinnamon and other shades of brown.