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How to wear colored jeans?

The raw denim or blue jeans is a timeless masculine dressing. But what of the colored jeans? Gentlemen, we must dare to put color in the room of our favorite dressing. You see, it is not so complicated to wear green jeans, red or electric blue jeans. We will expand the range of your colored jeans!

wear colored jeans

Missteps to avoid
We said colorful, but do not overdo it of course. We will therefore avoid putting candy or fluorescent pink or yellow jeans which would lighten the sun to shame. Remain soft and elegant gentlemen. The misstep awaits you just at the turn!

At the cut of the pants, tit will avoid the baggy and it’s rendering “parachute”. The bootcut also will be banned. Why? Since it’s slightly flared cut down may bring directly back you in the 1970s.

For colors, not to pass for harlequin service, avoids putting too strong or bright color together. Rather should be harmonized and dilute the strong color of your jeans with a pastel or white color. This will highlight the control room of your outfit while giving a stylish look and mastered.

The colors of jeans to have in wardrobe
It is understood that all colors can not be considered. Finally, to be precise, all colors will not fit in wardrobe. Must sweeten the different models, but we must dare, gentlemen.

For an overview of colors, all derivatives of blue (almost) you are allowed. Royal blue, passing by the indigo blue and flirting with the turquoise. This color is historically male color by excellence, as much to exploit it fully. No?

We turn to the green. The color of hope can be worn in shades of khaki, green water, apple green or “green grass”. Do not hesitate when you have a slightly tanned skin. Green, contrary to what one might think, is quite a flattering complexion. It only avoided when you are too pale.

The red, passion will find a place in your wardrobe. A flamboyant color that will give fire to your look.

The purple – pastel or dark – is also part. Personifying the sweetness, this color will give a touch of serenity.

We come to the very controversial rose. Remember gentlemen, as blue, it is only historical and cultural pink relates to the feminine. It is time to change attitudes of fashion. It is therefore in its pastel pink and the raspberry dressing. Nothing complicated?

The ideal look for a colored jean
Let’s look at your “colored jeans”. This dress can be worn with all colors (or almost). Do not dream, the silhouette can be worn with all colors is not yet born! Nevertheless, we can approac…

Let’s start with a simple and plain basis: a t-shirt or a white shirt. Why? Because it takes something neutral that emphasizes jeans. It makes for steady blue jeans (electric or king) to wake up the look. It puts a big cardigan plain or patterned mesh (Aztec, cashmere … depending on your preference.)

The shoes will derbies or brown boots with a leather belt attached. To accessorize everything, why not indulge in a cap in fine mesh, a backpack or tote bag? It wraps a good wool scarf around your neck and you have a soft look that lets express your colored jeans.