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How to wear orange

Orange is a color full of energy, vitality and personality and looks beautiful if it is known to combine well, however if the combination is bad the results can be disastrous.

wear orange

Depends on the time of the year we will delight can wear darker colors, warm or cold, but also greatly influences the mood we have. So depending on these two factors garments will have a few shades or other.

It is not easy to combine orange with other garments we have in the closet or that is not always easy to choose the most appropriate shade of orange to match the skin or hair color.

Want to know some secrets to combine the orange well and always look fashionable? Take a look below!

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Hair and skin tone

If you are a woman with brown hair and a warm skin tone, without doubt, the orange is for you because it will greatly promote you any of its shades.

However, if you have pale skin advise you to do without this color near your face as it will seem that you are paler than you really are.

wear orange

If you like the orange but you are very white advise you use it but in accessories such as scarves, belts, bracelets, skirts, pants, or shoes, but never on blouses, shirts or garments of this type.

If you have orange hair or are red-haired do not use handkerchiefs or scarves of this color because it would be too overburdened, however if you can use orange clothing.

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The orange on your clothes

If you are women who like to wear orange on a regular basis and have the full wardrobe of this color, suggest that combine garments in neutral colors such as, white, gray, black or brown, so it will be great.

If you like to use the orange dress on a single color, a trick is to not look overloaded is that use accessories with neutral tones such as black or dark brown.